Bali And Singapore Holidays for 8 Days

Fort Canning Park:

Formerly known as the ‘Forbidden Hill’, the Fort Canning Park is amongst the most historic places in Singapore. In the 1300s, the hill on which Fort Canning Park is located was the seat of the great Malay rulers of Singapore. Colonial rulers, later, used it as their official residence. It was converted into a military base during the World War II. Fort Canning Park is a place where you will feel close to nature. Take your camera along and go for a walk in the park – you will have plenty of pictures to click. Various performances and concerts also take place at the park. Major attractions at the Fort Canning Park include the Keramat Iskander Syah (the sacred burial ground of a Malay ruler), the Fort Gate, Spice Garden, the ASEAN Sculpture Garden and the Battle Box – a former underground military complex.

Universal Studios:

Enter the fascinating world of movies at Universal Studios and venture behind the screen. Experience the magic that conjures blockbusters on the screen, meet your favorite characters from animated films, feel the high of adventure filled roller coaster rides and get mesmerized by shows on the silver screen. Visit the Hollywood Boulevard at the Studios and ride the famous Walk of Fame. Splendid fireworks lighting the night sky in tandem with brilliant music along with many other attractions will take your breath away.Universal Studios give you a glimpse of life in the city that never sleeps, New York. The city skylines merged with street entertainment create an unimaginable aura of the Big Apple. Sci-Fi City takes you through the intergalactic battles, the Transformers ride, and other vibrant portals. Stroll through the streets of the Egypt zone and discover the pharaohs in a new light. Treasure hunts form an exciting part of the journey. Savor the unique cuisines of every zone at the Universal Studios while shopping for your favorite movie costumes and accessories. The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar zones amplify the experience of visiting the enchanting world at the Universal Studios.

Singapore Botanic Gardens:

The appealing Singapore Botanic Gardens holds the divisions of being the only botanic garden in the world that opens from 5 am to midnight every single day and does not charge any admission fee save for the National Orchid Garden. The Singapore Botanic Gardens was ranked number one amongst all the appeals in Singapore by TripAdvisor in 2011. The National Orchid Garden has the world’s largest orchid display featuring over 60,000 plants and orchids. The botanic gardens also have Jacob Ballas Children’s garden where your children can play and learn about the plant life. Do look out for Tembusu – a native plant that is reported to be more than 150 years old.

Kranji War Memorial:

Kranji War Memorial honors the men and women from the countries of Sri Lanka, India, Malaya, Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and the Netherlands who died defending Singapore and Malaya during the Second World War. The war memorial has 12 standing memorial walls that have inscribed on them the names of 25,000 allied soldiers killed in the war whose bodies were never recovered. The war memorial has the war graves, the state cemetery, the memorial walls and the military graves. Every year, on the Sunday nearest, to November 11, Singaporeans observe the Remembrance Sunday or Veterans’ Day to pay tribute to the brave people who gave their lives to defend Singapore.

Mint Museum of Toys:

Whether it’s a two-year-old kid or a 50-year-old gentleman, everyone just loved toys. And if you are a toy aficionado, you would just want to spend the rest of your life at Mint Museum of Toys. It is the world’s first purpose-built toy museum which showcases a private collection of vintage toys. The collection includes rare and unique one-of-a-kind pieces from around the world. The collection includes more than 3,000 pieces of vintage toys collected from more than 25 countries. So take a tour with your children in tow (who would absolutely go bonkers at the Mint Museum of Toys) meet your favorite toys of past and present like the Batman, Popeye the Sailor, Teddy Bear, Dan Dare, Tintin and many more.

City Hall:

The City Hall has been declared as one of the national monuments of Singapore. The building was completed in 1929 and was originally known as Municipal Building. It became the Singapore Judiciary in 1987. The historic building has witnessed and staged some of the most significant events in the history of Singapore. The British accepted the surrender of the Japanese army at the City Hall on 12 September 1945 which formally ended Japan’s occupation of Singapore. It was here that Lee Kuan Yew, as Prime Minister, proclaimed self-government for Singapore on 5 June 1959. The merger with Malaysia on 16 September 1963 was announced here. When Singapore separated from Malaysia, the first fully-independent Singapore Government was sworn in at City Hall on 9 August 1965. Right now the City Hall is closed and will reopen in 2015 when it will be merged with former Supreme Court Building to form a gallery to house Singapore’s national art collection.

The Southern Ridges:

The Southern Ridge is an ancient area that has been blessed with some of the enormous gifts of nature’s allure. The Southern Bridges attaches Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Kent Ridge Park. Spread across an area of 9 kilometers, the ridge provides some of the most spectacular views across Singapore. Photographers have a field day at the ridge as not only do they get to take stunning panoramic pictures of the harbor and Southern islands, they also get to observe and take pictures of brightly foliaged birds and flowers. The main attractions at the ridge include the Canopy, Hilltop and Forest Walks. The distinctive Henderson Waves, the highest bridge in Singapore, connects Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park.

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple:

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple is considered as one of the oldest temples in Singapore. Located in Little India, the temple is built in the traditional South Indian style of architecture with a tall gopuram. The temple was built in 1855 while the gopuran was added in 1966. The beautiful gopuram has different incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Once you step into the temple, you will come across the sacred statues of Perumal (Lord Vishnu), Goddesses Lakshmi and Andal and Lord Vishnu’s bird mount Garuda.


Recognised as a national monument, Chijmes is a magnificently structured historical building complex in Singapore. Chijmes was once a home to a Catholic school known as Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ) and their convent quarters are known as Caldwell House. It was designed by George Coleman who also designed the Parliament House of Singapore. The most remarkable feature of the building complex was the Gothic style chapel with stunning stained glass windows. You must look out for the Gate of Hope where babies born in the year of the Tiger used to be abandoned.Today it is one of the prime lifestyle destinations in Singapore. It houses an array of boutiques, restaurants, bars, entertainment options and much more.

S E A Aquarium:

Step into the world’s largest aquarium and discover the intriguing ocean and its even more intriguing creatures. Through the transparent glass panels, immerse yourself in the study of more than 800 marine inhabitants of the aquarium. The aquarium is home to some of the awful sea critters like Napoleon wrasse, manta rays, and colossal goliath groupers. Take pictures of the ocean’s greatest predators – the crook.

Peranakan Museum:

The Peranakan Museum preserves and explores the culture, history, and traditions of the Peranakan communities of Singapore, Penang, Malacca and other parts of Southeast Asia. The museum is housed in the former Tao Nan Chinese School and has galleries on three floors that illustrate the unique visual arts of the Peranakans. Gallery 1, titled Origins, introduces you to the Peranakan culture and various Peranakan communities. Gallery 2 to 5, walks you through the traditional 12-day long Peranakan wedding. Gallery 6, titled Nonya, showcases the exemplary art and crafts of the Nonyas. Gallery 7 illustrates the religious faiths and beliefs of the Peranakans. Gallery 8 tells you about the states of commerce and politics in the Peranakan communities. It also tells you about the social affairs and life of prominent Peranakans in Singapore’s history. Gallery 9 talks about the food habits of the Peranakans. Gallery 10 discusses the life of modern Peranakans and their thoughts on their heritage and the future of their culture. The most popular artifact in the museum is the Peranakan Wedding Bed which once belonged to Mrs. Quah Hong Chiam of Penang.

River Safari:

River Safari is one of the most loved and visited attractions of Singapore. It is the first and the only river-themed wildlife park in Asia and has many fun and adventurous activities to offer. The theme park is based on some of the world’s most prominent rivers like the Amazon, Ganges, Mississippi, Nile, Congo, Murray, Mekong and Yangtze. Every river has its own adventure and wildlife to offer. The River Safari theme park also has a Panda Forest which is the largest panda exhibit in southeast China. Children, once they are in the River Safari, do not ever want to leave! The River Safari has the world’s largest freshwater aquarium exhibit which has been aptly named as the Amazon Flooded Forests. The River Safari also provides complimentary Amazon River Quest boat rides.

Devdan Show:
Devdan, a cache of the enclave, is the sole highlight achievement at the Nusa Dua Theatre, declaring a 90-minute adventure through the Indonesian archipelago. The numerous acts follow a fun storyline, narrated and acted by a boy and girl who discover a magical chest filled with items representing each island and culture. ravishing choreography by adept dancers and clown provide non-stop thrills, with dances follow the diverse cultures of Indonesia, from Bali to Sumatra, Java, Borneo, and Papua.
Nusa Dua Beach (Pantai Mengiat):
Nusa Dua Beach restrictedly assigned to as Pantai Mengiat is the main beach in the area handy from one of the main gateways near the midsection of the Bali Tourism Development Complex gardens. The coast spans the beachfront of many five-star resorts, counting the Grand Hyatt Bali and the Ayodya Resort. displaying an offshore reef break, the waters closer to the beach are calm and great for swimming and snorkeling, while the waves beyond offer great surfing playgrounds.
Nusa Dua Islands:
The two Nusa Dua islands are where this whole gap got its name from. really meaning ‘two islands’ in the local tongue, Nusa Dua circle a small bay that action great swimming, and both of the islands host a set of unique attractions. The southern island is slightly larger than the northern one, featuring a vast grassy field where numerous international events and banquets have been held. On any other day, it is a great recreational area dotted with sparsely spaced and shaded pavilions and several monuments.
Museum Pasifika:
It instant assortment of historical antiquity and adorning and artistic items from over 200 artists from 25 countries. This museum appearance a lobby and so many large gallery structures built with hints of Balinese architectural looks in mind. There are 11 main display rooms each housing different art forms. Visitors to the museum will gain valuable insights into the works of art and antique collections, especially through its themes. A stay here also opens a window onto the world of art, through the various techniques, inspirations, and tools displayed from the ancient Balinese time.
Bali Camel Safaris:
It offers a unique way to experience the beach on the southern Sawangan coast of Nusa Dua. Well-trained camels take you on a steady and peaceful ride along the gorgeous white-golden beach of Nusa Dua, starting from the beachfront of the Nikko Bali Resort & Spa. Various packages are available, with combinations of lunch, water sports, and extra excursions. If you opt for a tour that includes meals, the lunch stop will be at Geger Beach. Camel rides are for a minimum booking of two persons, and the more the merrier as you go down the beach on a Sahara-like caravan with friends or family.
Geger Temple:
It is a historical and cultural fortress amidst the modern five-star luxury resorts that dominate the Nusa Dua beach resort area. A namesake of the stretch of white sand that it looms over from above a limestone cliff, the temple offers a great setting for those who love landscape photography, and on fair mornings you can like panoramas north up the bay with Mount Agung on the horizon. Once a muted and parched shore with local seaweed farmers sustenance to their crops, the bay now abut the beachfront of the five-star Resort.
Bali National Golf Club:
This Golf Club is the premier golf course and resort in the southern Bali area. The course easily brings sweet memories to regular visiting golfers who’ve played the course over the two decades it was Bali Golf and Country Club before its overhaul and reopening in mid-2014. Besides welcoming you to a new modern clubhouse, the landscaped greens are now further enhanced and still offer challenging rounds with its 18 holes amid bunkers and tropical gardens.
Puja Mandala:
It is a unique cultural and religious complex consisting of the different places of worships of the five main religions in Indonesia. Literally ‘hill of worship’, Puja Mandala is only a few minutes’ drive up from Nusa Dua’s main Bali Tourism Development Complex hub. A picturesque two-hectare hilltop comprises a Buddhist temple, a Hindu temple, a Catholic Church, a Protestant Church and an Islamic mosque, and is meant to be a landmark and epitome of religious harmony.
Pandawa Beach:
It is a tremendous addition to Bali’s collection of attractive beaches, placed on Bali’s southern Bukit Peninsula. The fine, one-kilometer coastal span is placed in the village of Kutuh. buried behind largely carved limestone cliffs that reveal large views to the Indian Ocean, Pandawa Beach was once also designate as ‘Secret Beach’ and it was officially opened in 2012, fast-gaining famous among local weekenders and international visitors. This beach is also best known for its exciting terrain and manmade limestone appearance that serve as a one-of-a-kind welcome into this coastal area.
Garuda Wisnu Kencana:
GWK for precise is the name of a cultural park on Bali’s hilly southern coast brilliant for the continuing construction of a gigantic statue of Vishnu guide on the back of a ‘garuda’ (a supernatural eagle-like being). The cultural park has become one of the beloved places in Bali for art and cultural act, exhibitions, and consultation. GWK once finished at 145 meters, will be one of the world’s biggest statues and erected on the top of the hill, with an elegant panorama of Bali.
Magnificent Waterblow at Nusa Dua:
Visit the hidden rock cliff in Nusa Dua to witness one of the nature’s prettiest sights. See & feel the majestic Indian Ocean waves crashing against rock cliffs. This natural phenomenon happens when waves hit the narrow space within the rock cliff where pressure builds, and water then blows up. It is Located near Hotel Grand Hyatt, find the wide grass field, and then follow the path to the water blow entrance. The view is extremely magnificent and will blow your mind with its charm.
The Ultimate Seawalker Experience (Nusa Dua):
No, no one is walking on the water! Instead, one can walk under the sea. Even the non-swimmers in the family can enjoy this underwater discovery. It does not get better than this where one can get close and personal with the fishes and live the stunning aquatic life. It is Just a short boat trip from the Grand Mirage Resort, which takes you to the purpose-built ‘dive site’. Prepare to be amazed as you put on your special helmets and descend down the steps into the aquatic paradise. One can hand feed the fish, or just watch as they swim around the unbelievably gorgeous live coral formations.


  • 4 days / 3 Nights accommodation in a Double bed room/s at the selected hotels (rooms) , as mentioned above. (Check-in time is at 2.00 pm and Checkout time is at 12:00 am).
  • Meal Plan: CP (Accommodation with breakfast).
  • All Transportation and sightseeing by an Air Conditioned Car (not applicable in the hill area) as per itinerary, including driver allowance, toll tax and parking fee.
  • All Government taxes charged by the vendors (Hotel / Resorts / Vehicle provider).


  • Local Guides for Sightseeing.
  • Entrance fee to the Monuments, Cultural Events and any activities suggested in the itinerary.
  • Any kind of airfare /train fare/ Bus fare.
  • Any Still / Video Camera fees applicable at the monuments or activities are chargeable directly.
  • Any alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, mineral water, use of mini bar in room and room services.
  • Personal expenses such as Laundry, Communication Charges (Phone/Internet).
  • Any additional meals / en route meals, sightseeing and activities other than those mentioned in the itinerary.

Itinerary (3N Hyderabad)

Day 1: Hyderabad Arrival

Meal: No meal
Arrive at Hyderabad Bus Stop/ Railway station/ Airport port and get transferred to the hotel. Check into hotel on arrival, After lunch proceed for chowmahalla palace ,Birla Mandir, NTR Garden, Lumbni Park, Necklace Road & Hussain Sagar. Overnight stay at hotel in Hyderabad.

chowmahalla palace

NTR gardenbirla temple hyderabad

Day 2: Hyderabad Ramoji Film City tour
Meal: Breakfast.
After breakfast proceed to Ramoji Film City, enjoy the entire day at Ramoji film city with diffrent shows & activities. On the way back visit the Hyderbad landmark monument Charminar .Spend time on shopping near Charminar.Overnight stay in the hotel.

ramoji film cityRamoji Film-CityRamoji Film-City

Day 3: Hyderabad Sightseeing tour
Meal: Breakfast.After breakfast visit Salarjung museum,  Golknda Fort & Nehru Zoological Park, Evening is at leisure for shopping & relaxation . Stay overnight at the hotel.

salar jung museumNehru zoological parkgolkonda fort

Day 4: Hyderabad departure
Meal: Breakfast.
Today, after an breakfast, check-out of the hotel & transfer to airport/Railway station/ Bus stop for your return journey.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport ,Hyderabad.

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  • Anything other than mentioned in the inclusions attract extra cost & subject to availability.
  • Air ticket cost mentioned ( if any ) will be subject to availability & prevailing prices at the time of booking .
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  • Early check-in or late check-out is subject to availability & at the discretion of the hotel/ resort.
  • Goods & Service Tax of 5% will be applicable against final Invoice (Subject to Payment Made in India).
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Singapore is an economic colossal. It has been Southeast Asia's most modernize city for over a century. The city blends Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English cultures and religions.

Environmental Conditions:

Temperatures usually range from 22 to 35 °C. Relative humidity averages around 79% in the morning and 73% in the afternoon.

Nearest Airport:

Changi International Airport, Singapore.

Local Language:

English, Malay, Tamil, Standard Mandarin.

Place of Interest:

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, Chinatown, Little India, and Arab Street, Raffles Hotel, Changi Chapel and Museum, Singapore Zoo, Fort Canning Park, Sentosa Island, Orchard Road.

Famous Hotels & Resort:

Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore, Singapore Marriott Hotel, The Stamford Singapore, Four Seasons Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel, Raffles Hotel, InterContinental, InterContinental, Banyan Tree Bintan, Sofitel So Singapore.

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