Phuket N Pattaya Honeymoon for 7 days


It is a paradise for all dog lovers.The only aim of this foundation is to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia which would result in a better living for both the animal and human communities, to end animal cruelty, and to ultimately create a society without homeless animals. They completely work on donations & it is a non-profit organization.


It is one of the Phuket's most popular places within the localities. This relatively tranquil place has only a few hotels including The Royal Phuket Yacht Club and is a popular anchorage for boats during the high season. Great for swimming from November to April. The local restaurants just raised the beach make an extreme part to relax with a sundowner.


This cozy little bay is established at the end of a beachside cul-de-sac, just a few minutes' drive over the hill from Kata beach. Adore the amazing scenery, which is absolutely the point of anticipated here. Relax, take a walk along the soft sands, snorkel or swim. Its onward has been a famous spot for surfers in the monsoon period from May to October, still, swimming can be critical during this season. The attractive Kata Viewpoint, gifts a dazzling vista across the three bays of Karon, Kata and Kata Noi. It is only a five-minute drive along a winding road towards Nai Harn.


Financed by donations (1800B cares for a gibbon for a year), this tiny sanctuary adopts gibbons that have been kept in captivity with the hope that they can be reintroduced to the wild. The center has volunteer opportunities that include providing educational information to visitors, cleaning cages, feeding and tracking released gibbons. Swing by around 9 is to hear the gibbons' morning song. Note that you can’t get too close to them.The volunteer work done here is outstanding.


 It is one of the island's most important and admired landmarks on the island. The huge image sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata and, at 45 meters tall, it is easily seen from far away. The lofty site bids the best 360-degree views of the island, with sweeping panoramas of Phuket Town, Kata, Karon beaches, Chalong Bay and more. Easily reachable via a six-kilometer road leading from Phuket's main artery route, it is a must-visit island destination.

Phromthep Cape in Phuket:

Phromthep Cape is the island's most photographed and perhaps finest-known location. It is at the southernmost stop of Phuket island that looks to be an absolutely charming spot for a good old-shaped sunset photo. This landmark has consistently been the meeting point for a good hundred tourists, essentially Thai, to line up on the west-facing coastline with cameras ready. Huge colorful buses download a horde of daily tourists greedy for a picture and the place starts reverberating with flash all directions. With its exalted location and few small islands adjacent, the Promthep Cape is exactly a nice place to see a sunset.

Wat Chalong:

Wat Chalong has been approaching a pleasant desirable to visitors for up a century. Locals come to pray and Westerners come to gain object about Buddhism. The temple is open from seven in the morning to five in the afternoon. Poh Tan Jao Wat is one of the essential Buddhist statues in Wat Chalong. It is about 8 km south of Phuket City. Explore the culture & the traditions of the locality with its rich architecture and the gestures of its people around.

Karon View Point:

An essential part of most tour itineraries, Karon Viewpoint (earlier Viewpoint) is one of the most frequented spots in Phuket. Locally it is known as “Khao Sam Haad”, which means “Hill of Three Beaches”. Enjoy the beautiful views of Kata Noi, Kata Yai, and Karon beaches. Placed just Kata south of Kata Noi Beach, it was properly renamed Karon Viewpoint even still it is far away from Karon Beach. Come here to adore the picture excellent beauty from above the hill. One can look towards the north & capture unending vistas of the three west coast beaches and the dark green hues of Phuket’s hillside in his memories of the lifetime.


Karon features the third highest beach on Phuket Island. Located on the west coast, between Patong to the north and Kata to the south, and is the second favorite holiday destination in Phuket. The beach itself has accomplished snorkeling & diving spots at its southern end and is wide abundant for beachgoers to never feel crowded. It features three main areas, each with their own assets: Karon Centre is an animated small city, Karon Beach road is excellent for taking an evening stroll mainly for its happening resorts & the third main area is centred on Luang Poh Chuan Road, which houses excellent restaurants and the best nightlife spots of the town.

Phuket Trickeye Museum:

Phuket Trickeye 3D Museum offers the opportunity to engage and interact with modern art’s reality & its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions stimulate creativity and imagination in the minds of its visitors. This art practice, Trompe-l’oil is an ancient painting technique that requires a certain geometrical skill. The idea is to create a three-dimensional illusion on a two dimensional (flat) background. Perspectival illusionism rules at Phuket Trickeye Museum and one is sure to be fooled by the impressive paintings on display here.

Surf House (Kata Beach):

When the waves are out of ability, it is the place for non-stop surf action, contemporary music, internationally inspired food and beverages, sights, and sensations of the Phuket lifestyle. Surf House Phuket is located right on the stunning Kata beach so that you can enjoy the beach atmosphere while surfing the perfect wave. It is every surfer’s dream: a place where you can ride the waves every day no matter what the weather conditions are. With an adjacent bar and restaurant, Surf House Phuket is a world within itself and as a result, it is the tremendously popular spot in Phuket.

Freedom Beach:

Freedom Beach is an exclusive gem on Phuket’s west coast. It is a wonderful beach that can only be reached by a long-tail boat. The 300m-long strip of white sand by the beachside is set in a superb bay speckled with granite rocks and surrounded by hills covered by thick and luxuriant jungle. Apart from sunbathing, attractive moments that can be enjoyed at Freedom Beach are beach soccer, beach volleyball, and snorkeling. The shallow waters at both ends of the beach host superb underwater fauna and flora and the southern end is slightly admirable.

Nong Nooch Village:

The sprawling park at Nong Nooch (pronounced "nung nut") Village action a little bit of all on the spectrum. There's an excellent orchid garden that will awaken the inner horticulturist in everyone, and a zoo that's fun for all ages. The Nong Nooch Tropical Garden on a half-day help tour from Pattaya. Your guide shows up you to the Thai Cultural Hall to watch daily accomplishment including classical Thai dance and kickboxing as well as a popular elephant show. See the topiary garden, the orchid nursery, an amusement of Stonehenge and more! Choose a morning or afternoon escape with round-trip hotel transport to Nong Nooch village.

Mini Siam:

One of most famous places in Pattaya absolutely includes Mini Siam. It presents a collection of models of important places in the world in order to make visitors feel like they are going to many countries in a day.  The examples of these models are the Tower Bridge, Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and Trevi Fountain, Taj Mahal, Wat Phra Kaew, and so on. Mini Siam is also easy to go as it is located on the main Street of Pattaya. After visiting copies of places for tourism - Madurodum in Netherlands and Window on China in Taiwan, he came up with advance identical idea in Thailand because he accepts that there are a lot of interesting places in Thailand to be presented as well.

Pattaya Floating Market:

Pattaya Floating Market has been a major appeal in Pattaya that guests would like to visit. Activities, classic shows, and a change of items available there would be a key reason to appeal guests. Bus service has also been available to further transportation difficulty. It is settled under the concept of displaying Cultures and traditions of 4 regions of Thailand  Northern, Southern, Central, and Northeastern. The approach covers how people from these 4 regions live, what their main actions are, and what the main products from there are, so the floating market could reveal what people in different areas live and what they earn from their antique times. Additionally, Pattaya Floating Market is the largest floating attraction in East of Thailand, which would boost more guests to come to Pattaya.

Pattaya Elephant Village:-

It is an attraction in Pattaya that adds data about Thai elephant. It is a famous place for foreign guests. Also, Pattaya Elephant village also focuses on elephant avoidance, so this place would not be an issue for nature-loving guests. Pattaya Elephant Village was settled in 1973 as a different habitat of ex-hard-working elephants. This is because these elephants seem to be impotent to do hard work in the forest anymore. The village then delivers elephants here for prohibiting the presence of Thai Elephant in the imminent. In the elephant village, guests will be added with the purpose of the village formation.

The Pattaya Park:

Pattaya Park is a popular area in Pattaya. Its architecture is placed between Pattaya and Jomtien, and the architecture is so high that guests can see it from far away.  Another option is the Sky Shuttle for a group of visitors to go down to the ground together. There are also restaurants on 52th, 53th, and 54th of the tower. Visitors can taste the international seafood buffet there for either a lunch or a dinner. To have a buffet for a meal, it will charge visitors about 350 baht. Exciting activities as Tower Shot, Viking, or and Roller Coaster are also available at Pattaya Park. Those who like these kinds of activities may like to try any of them. However, there are also actions that children can play, such as Family Swinger, Monorail, Demolition Derby, Musical Carousel, and Samba Tower, so guests do not have to worry about the kids much.

Pattaya Underwater:-

Pattaya Underwater world is the first tourist appeal in Pattaya that offers guests to view a quantity of ocean critter underwater. In this aquarium, there not only is an area that guests can touch marine animals but also a long tunnel, 105 meters almost, with color windows.  This actions guest to feel like walking over the ocean depth. Visitors can also see staffs of the Underwater World diving down into the water to feed fish. To Visit Pattaya Underwater World would also be a convenience to earn both marine animal knowledge and experience. This Pattaya Underwater World firstly now an area called Touch Pool Zone.

Wat Phra Yai Pattaya (Big Buddha Hill):

Wat Phra Yai is an alluring place in Pattaya.There is a huge image of Buddha at the top of the hill, so guests can notice it from afar area. The image of Buddha is even more improbable when looking at it closely as it is actually colossal. Each day a lot of guests go to respect the image in order to have good things and good times in their lives, give the religion accepted. There are also a structure hall and smaller various style images of Buddha on the top of the hill, around the colossal image. The area of Wat Phra Yai is near Pattaya City, almost 2.5 Kilometers from South Pattaya. Big Buddha Hill is the area that establishes the biggest image of Buddha in Chonburi department, where its height is about 300 foot. It was entrenched in 1977.

Wang Sam Sien Pattaya:

It is traditional to declare the collection of Chinese ancient work, including a statue of Guan Yin, Confucius Classroom, and 24 stories of acknowledgment. Wang Sam Sien offers a natural atmosphere for guests with plants and a garden. There is also a restaurant inside to backing any visitor visit this alluring. Its area is on the way to Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha Pattaya). The geology of Wang Sam Sien is a considerable example for accomplished feng shui. This is because there is a cliff behind of its area, whereas there is a pond in front of it. In the intermediate of Wang Sam Sien, guests can find the statue of Dr. Sun Yud Sen, where he was a Chinese chef for thinking of a new generation. Another thing is that in this Wang Sam Sien, there is a statue of one Confucius that was important to the Chinese community. The area of this is on Pattaya hill on the side of Khoa Phra Yai (Big Buddha Pattaya), so guests can take a Song Thaew to be there as it is very near to Pattaya city.

The Grand Palace:

Located in the heart of Bangkok, on the banks of Chao Phraya River, the Grand Palace is a magnificent building and one of the most popular tourist attractions of Bangkok. A combination of Thai and European architecture, the Grand Palace was the erstwhile residence of the Kings of Siam and is used till date for royal ceremonies. It is a complex of several buildings, halls, gardens and courtyards and is a must-visit when touring Bangkok.

Safari World:

A fantastic zoo in Bangkok, Safari World is divided into two parts. The first part, Safari Park is Thailand's greatest open zoo and Leisure Park, and has something for everyone! It offers the ultimate safari experience through an African wilderness setting, which is home to hundreds of animals from all across the world. Some of the major attractions here are Jungle Cruise, CDV War, Eggs World, Bollywood Cowboy Stunt Show and Orangutan Boxing Show. theThere is also a Marine Park that houses a rich variety of marine animals. You can also catch dolphins, birds and other trained animals putting up a delightful show. Safari World is a must visit, especially if you have kids in tow.

Dream World:

An American-style theme park, Dream World is the eventual entertainment zone for kids. The Super sensation and White Water Rapids at this popular amusement park are a hit with the little ones. Other much-loved rides include Corkscrew, Bumping Cars, Swinging Viking Boat and Rollercoaster. Besides rides, it features a Hollywood Action Show. Also, get to meet your favourite cartoon characters in The Colors of the World Parade. Special mention to Snow Town which is a regulated sub-zero temperature zone for some fun in the snow. You cannot afford to miss this extravaganza if you're travelling with your kids.

Democracy Monument:

The Democracy Monument is erected in the centre of Bangkok and as the name suggests was erected to commemorate Thailand’s adoption of democracy and liberty. The four wings of the monument represent the four branches of the Thai armed forces and stand 24 metres tall, symbolizing 24 June, the day the constitution was signed. The monument was designed by Thai architect Mew Aphaiwong and the relief sculptures were created by Italian Corrado Feroci. Around the base there are 75 cannonballs to signify the Buddhist Era (1932 AD).

Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles:

Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles was established in 2003 when Queen Sirikit requested permission from King Bhumibol Adulyadej to convert the 1870 Ratsadakorn-bhibhathana Building into a new museum of textiles. The King gave his permission and today the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles is a major tourist attraction. The building was renovated but still retains the rich architectural details of the old era. The museum has on display silk dresses, evening dresses, royal textiles and royal clothes. The museum also serves as a preserver as well as a centre for textiles from all over Asia with an emphasis on textiles from Thailand. The museum also won the Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice 2013 award.

KidZania Bangkok:

Holidaying with your kids in Bangkok becomes a lot easier after a trip to KidZania! The place is the culmination of dreams of every child. KidZania is exclusively for kids and there are loads of activities to keep your young ones busy, interested and happy. Parents are not allowed to take part in the activities so that the children can learn to do things on their own. If you have children aged above 8 years, you can drop them at KidZania and collect them again at the end of the day.


Rajadamnern Thai Boxing Stadium:

The Muay Thai style of martial arts is famous all over the world. It is also known as Thai boxing. Rajadamnern Thai Boxing Stadium is one of the major stadiums where the Muay Thai fighters can be seen in action almost throughout the week. To experience a bout or two of authentic Muay Thai style of boxing, this is the place you must head out to. The stadium holds matches for up to middleweight championships. It was in 1941 that the then Prime Minister of Thailand, Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram, gave the order to cage the Rajadamnern Thai Boxing Stadium.

Siam Park City:

The largest theme and water park in Southeast Asia receives 2 million visitors every year from around the world and has over 30 different rides! Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, it offers Vortex, which is one of the world’s largest suspended looping roller coasters, Boomerang, Giant Drop, Aladdin, Siam Tower, Condor, Top-spin, Mega Dance and the Log Flume. The wave pool here is the largest in the world as certified by Guinness World Records. Other attractions at the park include Talay Krung Thep (the world's biggest wave pool), Speed Slides (the 75 feet high slider), Super Spiral (four integrated spiralling slides), Lazy River (the flowing river) and Spa Club (the health spa club with original Thai massage). You can also visit the Chinese Wax Museum, Botanical Gardens, Zoo and Knowledge Park while you are here. So popular is this park that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson himself took time out to come here during his tour of Asia.

Dusit Zoo:

Take a trip to Thailand’s very first zoo, also known as ‘Khao Din’. Here you will get to see 1,600 domestic and international animals, including albino barking deer and white Bengal tigers. The park also features a number of rides for children as well as an impressive lake, where you can enjoy boating and feeding the fish. History buffs can take a diversion and see the World War II underground shelter near the hippopotamus habitat. If you get hungry, there is a large Food Centre offering a variety of local dishes and desserts. Since the zoo is spread over a vast area, it is recommended to pick your areas of interest from the map and head there. Alternatively, you can hop on to the tram that takes you around the park in flat 20 minutes!

Dusit Park:

Dusit Park complex is home to a museum and many other attractions which were influenced by King Rama V’s first visit to Europe. The Ancient Cloth Museum will acquaint you with the huge variety of Thai textile patterns and artistic works which display Rama V's trips to Europe. Next on the list is the Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall which was built for Rama V in 1904 as a throne and depicts the architecture of the era. An extensive collection of unique Thai handicrafts is on display here. The Royal Elephant Museum (originally a stable for the royal elephants) is another attraction in the complex and is situated right across the Throne Hall. An exhibition on the history of the prized white elephant of Thailand can be found here.


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  • Meal Plan: CP (Accommodation with breakfast).
  • All Transportation and sightseeing by an Air Conditioned Car (not applicable in the hill area) as per itinerary, including driver allowance, toll tax and parking fee.
  • All Government taxes charged by the vendors (Hotel / Resorts / Vehicle provider).


  • Local Guides for Sightseeing.
  • Entrance fee to the Monuments, Cultural Events and any activities suggested in the itinerary.
  • Any kind of airfare /train fare/ Bus fare.
  • Any Still / Video Camera fees applicable at the monuments or activities are chargeable directly.
  • Any alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, mineral water, use of mini bar in room and room services.
  • Personal expenses such as Laundry, Communication Charges (Phone/Internet).
  • Any additional meals / en route meals, sightseeing and activities other than those mentioned in the itinerary.

Itinerary (3N Hyderabad)

Day 1: Hyderabad Arrival

Meal: No meal
Arrive at Hyderabad Bus Stop/ Railway station/ Airport port and get transferred to the hotel. Check into hotel on arrival, After lunch proceed for chowmahalla palace ,Birla Mandir, NTR Garden, Lumbni Park, Necklace Road & Hussain Sagar. Overnight stay at hotel in Hyderabad.

chowmahalla palace

NTR gardenbirla temple hyderabad

Day 2: Hyderabad Ramoji Film City tour
Meal: Breakfast.
After breakfast proceed to Ramoji Film City, enjoy the entire day at Ramoji film city with diffrent shows & activities. On the way back visit the Hyderbad landmark monument Charminar .Spend time on shopping near Charminar.Overnight stay in the hotel.

ramoji film cityRamoji Film-CityRamoji Film-City

Day 3: Hyderabad Sightseeing tour
Meal: Breakfast.After breakfast visit Salarjung museum,  Golknda Fort & Nehru Zoological Park, Evening is at leisure for shopping & relaxation . Stay overnight at the hotel.

salar jung museumNehru zoological parkgolkonda fort

Day 4: Hyderabad departure
Meal: Breakfast.
Today, after an breakfast, check-out of the hotel & transfer to airport/Railway station/ Bus stop for your return journey.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport ,Hyderabad.

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Per Person only.




Phuket is one of the southern provinces (Changwat) of Thailand. It contains the island of Phuket, the country's largest island, and another 32 smaller islands off its coast.It lies off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. Phuket Island is connected by bridge to Phang Nga Province to the north. The next nearest province is Krabi, to the east across Phang Nga Bay. It previously derived its wealth from tin and rubber and enjoys a rich and colorful history. The island was on one of the major trading routes between India and China and was frequently mentioned in foreign ship logs of Portuguese, French, Dutch, and English traders. The region now derives much of its income from tourism.
City Is Famous For:
Its rich tourism resources like beaches, adventures, islands & water sports.
Environmental Conditions:
The city has an average annual high of 32 °C (90 °F) and an annual low of 25 °C (77 °F). Phuket has a dry season that runs from December through March and a rainy season that covers the other eight months.
Nearest Airport:
Phuket International Airport, Thailand.
Local Language:
Thai & English.
Place of Interest:
Phang Nga Bay, Old Phuket Town, Bangla Road Nightlife, Big Buddha, Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples, Things to See in Phuket, Spend a Day (or two) on Phi Phi Island, Phuket Fantasea Show, Phuket Viewpoints, Thai Boxing (Muay Thai).
Famous Hotels & Resort:
The Shore at Katathani, Kalima Resort & Spa, Banyan Tree, The Naka Phuket, Phuket Panwa Beachfront Resort, Movenpick Resort Karon, Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort, Centara Grand Beach Resort, Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach, Dusit Thani Laguna Pool Villa.

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